FO patch kabl LC-SC MM DPL 1m3

Šifra proizvoda: DK2532013

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DIGITUS Fiber Optic Patch Cord, LC to SC, Multimode 50/125 Á,
Class OM3, Duplex Length 1m

Technical Details:
-Duplex cable
-Connector with ceramic ferrule
-Cable diameter 3mm
-Single packed with test-report
-Connector 1: LC
-Connector 2: SC
-Cable type: I-VH 2G50/125Á
-Fiber class: OM3
-Mode: Multimode
-Color cable: aqua color
-Boot: two-color
-Fiber diameter: 50/125
-Length: 1 m
-Packaging: DIGITUS Polybag

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