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PURELINK PureInstall PI160

Our Pure Install Series for high claims offers guaranteed and
certified PureLink« quality at an excellent price /
performance ratio. High-quality materials and the most
suitable connectors and couplings, gold plated contacts and
the elimination of all unnecessary make these PureLink«
products to a good investment anywhere the work takes place.
For maximum flexibility, including the Pure Install series
alongside high-quality cables, adapters, signal amplifier also
versatile, Wall Plates and other installation accessories.
Through best quality from a single source, you can be sure
that everything fits together perfectly.

Technical Details:
-High-speed signal transmission for HDTV resolutions up to
1920×1200 (WUXGA)
-Optimum signal quality – connectiong quality PCBs
-Especially suitable for professional applications and
-Precisely fitting manufacture and plated Premium Contacts
-Small size

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